How to Look Good on Webcam: Five Tips

Suppose you made up your mind to try video chatting. That’s great! But you need to make certain arrangements before you do that. First of all, camera settings. Make sure it works and the settings are alright. In particular, you need to make sure that a website will ask your permission before opening your camera. Some video chats start right after you open the webpage, so it is better to prevent the unexpected surprises.

Now, you need to take care of the following:

  1. Camera placement. If your camera is not built in your laptop, place it not too close so that you face does not look too big. Not many people enjoy looking at someone’s face full screen.
  2. Choose the angle. You want to look your best when people from video chat see you because good first impression from your look is what will make them stop on you and keep the conversation. Place the cam and check from what angle you look best.
  3. Lightning. The key advice here is not too light and not too dark. Some cameras regulate the brightness but some do not. If, for example, your camera faces a stream of light from the window, the image of you will be lost in light. If it is dark and you do not use additional source of light beside screen light, a person on the other side will just see the contour. In either case, the person you talk to will just not see you.  
  4. Clean up on the background. Make sure it is not too messy in your room or, at least, in that part your audience will see. If the camera faces the wall, try not to lean too close to it. If it faces the window, it is better to keep the curtains closed. Also, eliminate the distractions. It is not cool to turn the head from camera each time your dog barks behind.
  5. Dress up. Try to look utmost suitable for the occasion. In case of chatroulettes, wear something that you know you look good in. You want to make a positive impression, so there should be nothing that will scare people off.

And One Last Thing…

Following these simple and useful tips, you will surely look pleasant on the screen of the person you talk to. The thing to remember is that not many of us are supermodels and looking good on camera is also a skill. Do not strive for perfection. These five simple rules to stick to can help you be pleasant to look at.

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